Water & Wastewater


McGill Associates understands the importance of providing safe and reliable drinking water to sustain economically viable and healthy lifestyle communities. Our commitment to the stewardship and protection of water is at the core of our Firm’s foundation. Since McGill Associates’ inception, water resources engineering has been a primary discipline of focus, whereby helping our customers to treat, store, distribute, and protect water through the development of innovative, cost effective and environmentally sound solutions. McGill Associates possesses a wealth of experience and thought leadership regarding water resource management and it is through this experience we are able to assist our clients with prudently managing their water resources. Our team specializes in all facets of water resources engineering.

case study

CLIENT: City of Jefferson City, Tennessee
PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  McGill Associates provided design engineering, funding assistance, bidding services, and construction administration/inspection services for the upgrade and expansion of the existing water treatment plant from 5.0 to 7.5 MGD. Work included a new submerged membrane filtration system installed in the existing conventional filter basins, new chemical storage and feed systems, disinfection using sodium hypochlorite, a treated water storage reservoir, and an instrumentation and control system. The project also included new pumps in existing raw and finished water pumping stations, improvements to existing buildings and electrical systems for code compliance.  The project was funded by a combination of a USDA-RD loan and grant, an SRF loan, and an EPA-STAG grant.

at a glance
  • Water Distribution System Analysis / Planning / Design
  • Water Treatment Plant Design
  • Treatment System Efficiency Analysis
  • Regulatory Compliance Evaluations
  • Water Treatment Plant Start-up and Training
  • Water Source Evaluation / Permitting
  • Raw Water Intake Design
  • Off-Stream Storage Planning / Design
  • Water Reuse Systems
  • Water Storage Facility Design
  • Instrumentation / Process Monitoring (SCADA)
  • Feasibility Studies / Alternatives Analysis
  • Stream Crossings
  • Booster Pump Station Design
  • Water System Management Plans
  • Water System Mapping / GIS
  • Dam / Impoundment Design
  • Water Rate Studies
  • Safety and Security Planning
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Regional Water Planning
  • Watershed Management Services
  • Drought Impact Analysis