Environmental Services

Water Quality Investigations

McGill Associates’ environmental team is able to provide a quantitative analysis of streams, wetlands, and watersheds determining water quality through biological, physical, and chemical analysis. Employing equipment used to measure biological, nutrient, and chemical components of these systems. Our team is also able to provide determinations of stream flow, 7Q10 assessments, and an analysis of hydrological characteristics.

case study

CLIENT: City of Chattanooga, Tennessee
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: McGill Associates completed the first phase of planning and design of water quality best management practices for the separate interceptor sewer and waste resources division sites throughout the City of Chattanooga. We have recently been retained to assist with implementation and approval of the water quality credits program as a second phase of the BMP program that will result in a fair and equitable application of stormwater fees throughout the City departments. The first phase included the assessment of more than 100 sites throughout the City to develop a list of recommended BMPs specific to each site. After evaluation of the specific BMPs with the City, McGill Associates prepared a 5-year and a 10-year strategic implementation plan based on priorities and capital budgets. The next phase in the project is to design the BMPs for all the sites throughout the City.

at a glance
  • Stream Sampling and Qualitative Monitoring
  • Water Quality Investigations and Analyses
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Evaluation
  • NPDES Monitoring and Reporting
  • Corrective Action Plans
  • Feasibility Studies