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Community is at the heart of our design. Our landscape architects, planners, engineers and business professionals work hard to understand the unique qualities, cultural roots and needs of each community we serve. This contextual understanding is then leveraged to develop a comprehensive and cohesive vision for the future. Our planning and design methods are based on an iterative process of layering and considering various cultural, systemic and environmental components to solve complex design issues. By blending these components we produce holistic designs that weave the old with the new to create unforgettable places with function, distinct beauty and identity.

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CLIENT: City of Lenoir
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: In recent years, the City of Lenoir has undertaken various redevelopment and revitalization efforts in the central business district. Through innovative design techniques, proper implementation and creative public financing, McGill Associates has been able to assist the City achieve many of its revitalization goals and objectives. Many of the projects listed below have been partially financed through funding such as the Community Develop Block Grant (CDBG) and the NCDOT Enhancement Grant. McGill Associates assisted the City with developing a master plan that would outline various redevelopment efforts that consisted of:

  • Urban Infill and Environmental Remediation
  • Utility Infrastructure
  • Streetscape Improvements
  • Public Open Space

Urban Infill and Environmental Remediation
McGill Associates assisted the City of Lenoir with three sites identified as opportunities for urban infill and redevelopment. The former Blackwelder Hospital, Smithey’s Building, and Singer Furniture Plant were sites located within the project area that were considered viable opportunities for redevelopment due to their location, size and relationship within the urban fabric of Lenoir. McGill Associates assisted the City with the Preliminary Environmental Site Assessment, environmental remediation, site design, permitting and construction administration efforts that will enable these sites to be used in the future.

Utility Infrastructure
Another of the primary objectives with the redevelopment effort was the conversion of overhead utilities to underground utilities along with the upgrade of water and sewer utilities. By working with City staff, AT&T, Charter Communications and Duke Power, McGill Associates assisted with the realization of these objectives, thereby creating an aesthetically pleasing environment as well as an upgrade to the existing utility infrastructure. McGill Associates staff worked closely with these entities and the contractor to accommodate the utility providers, as well as to create innovative solutions for feasible construction.

Streetscape Improvements
The enhancement efforts in downtown Lenoir have been recognized through awards for design and other downtown initiatives. McGill Associates assisted the City in providing a creative design while also addressing traffic, utilities and public space improvements. The major focus of this project is located at the intersection of Main Street and West Avenue. This project not only incorporated enhancement efforts such as street lighting, decorative sidewalks and street trees, but also involved conversion to two-way streets, on-street parking and traffic re-signalization.

A primary Public Open Space
The objective of the City was to create public spaces that were inviting, memorable and offered opportunities for multiples uses. The area known as the ‘Square’ is the major focal area of downtown. An urban plaza was designed for events such as concerts and movies, incorporating a performance stage and areas for open seating. This space is very popular and used frequently for City sponsored events. Another effort the City has initiated is a Veterans Memorial, located on the opposite street corner of the urban plaza. This project was designed around an existing monument while incorporating new monuments and street pavers. It recognizes veterans who have served in the armed services. This formal design offers a useful reverent space dedicated to the Veterans of Caldwell County that complements the downtown area.

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