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Stream Restoration

Since our founding, McGill Associates team members have been intimately involved with projects that improve the environments in which we work and live. We believe our environmental stewardship sets a good example for the communities where we work and always plan projects with the environment being a primary factor of consideration.

Whether we are performing stream restoration projects or planning projects to mitigate adverse impacts on precious natural resources, our team members understand the sensitive nature of the environment and work tirelessly to keep it in a harmonious state. Our employees know how to design and implement projects that not only achieve long term stability but also improve stream ecology. They know how to minimize their construction footprint, protect plant and animal species, and construct as quickly and efficiently as possible. McGill Associates’ team offers a variety of stream and environmental restoration services that leverage natural design principles. We design, permit, and monitor stream projects with detailed knowledge of Rosgen stream classification and restoration. Furthermore, our skilled team of resources is able to monitor and follow-up on all projects where continuous monitoring is required.

case study

CLIENT: City of Asheville
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: McGill Associates provided engineering consulting services for the design and 401/404 permitting, sediment and erosion control permitting, and FEMA-related permitting for a stabilization and enhancement project along Dingle Creek in south Asheville. Dingle Creek tends to overrun its banks in certain areas, especially after a heavy rainfall. The project alleviated these problems in neighborhoods around the Hendersonville Road area.

Watershed Master Plan
McGill Associates assisted the City in conducting a detailed study of the 2.4-square-mile Dingle Creek watershed. Tasks include collecting geospatial inventory, creating a watershed characteristics model through hydrologic and hydraulic modeling efforts, developing a capital improvement master plan, facilitation of public meetings and community involvement, and implementation of the Clean Water Management Trust Fund (CWMTF) agreement for stormwater planning and design of stream restoration and stormwater wetlands.

Enhancement / Stabilization
McGill Associates provided services for the design and 401/404 permitting for enhancement and stabilization along Dingle Creek as part of a CWMTF grant. The enhancement measures consisted of urban and natural channel design techniques, including cross-vanes, single arm vanes, root-wads, and brush mattresses in order to minimize erosion potential and stabilize existing stream banks. All disturbed areas were designed to be stabilized with biodegradable erosion control matting and planted with native vegetation.

Offline Regional Stormwater Wetland
McGill Associates provided services for the design and 401/404 permitting for an offline one-acre stormwater wetland along Dingle Creek as part of a CWMTF application grant. The stormwater wetland design utilized a historic stream bed to capture water from Dingle Creek. The wetland was designed to capture the one-inch storm event from the Dingle Creek watershed and treat for TSS, TKN and P. All efforts were made to save existing hardwoods, and a low-flow channel was implemented to continually circulate water throughout the wetland during drought conditions. The stormwater wetland was designed to be planted with native wetland vegetation known to survive and flourish in the region.

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