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Stormwater Engineering

Responsible stormwater administration and compliance with evolving state and federal regulations are an essential elements of community management. With stormwater being one of the top contributors of water contamination in the US today, regulations are progressively becoming more rigid with a renewed emphasis on water quality. Each of these factors presents a new set of challenges for both those responsible for managing community stormwater programs and for those who design stormwater solutions. The stormwater professionals at McGill Associates are continuously developing innovative and effective stormwater management solutions and leveraging industry standards to address our clients’ unique objectives. Our team members work closely with both clients and regulators to develop cost-effective and sustainable solutions that conserve and enhance our natural resources.

case study

CLIENT: Chatham County, North Carolina
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: McGill Associates assisted Chatham County in creating a County Stormwater Ordinance. Our team worked in conjunction with the County to:

  • Review existing Chatham County documents that may have stormwater related requirements.
  • Create an Ordinance Matrix to compare all stormwater related items that are included in existing Chatham County Ordinances.
  • Conduct individual interviews with County staff, including the Planning Director, Public Works Director, Environmental Resource Director, Sediment and Erosion Control Supervisor, and the Environmental Review Board Chair regarding stormwater needs.
  • Prepare an outline for the proposed Chatham County Stormwater Ordinance that incorporates the requirements of the current State Model Phase II Ordinance.
  • Conduct a presentation on the status of the project to the Environmental Review Board (ERB).
  • Develop draft recommendations for objective stormwater management standards in Chatham County, Based on comments from County staff and the ERB.
  • Present the draft recommendations to the ERB.
  • Present the draft recommendations at a public hearing.
  • Submit final recommendations for objective stormwater management performance standards to Chatham County, based on comments received by the County staff, ERB, and the general public.

Additionally, McGill Associates assisted Chatham County with developing stormwater performance standards, which was based on engineering studies of stormwater assets throughout the County. McGill Associates’ standards were ultimately adopted by the County Board of Commissioners and are an important component of the County’s regulatory authority to control stormwater runoff and pollution.

at a glance
  • Stormwater Management Studies / Master Plans
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis / Design
  • Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Planning / Design / Inspection / Compliance
  • Stormwater Systems and NPDES Outfall Mapping / GIS Database Creation
  • NPDES Phase II Compliance
  • Stormwater Ordinance Creation
  • Stormwater Capital Improvement Plans
  • Stormwater Rate Studies
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
  • On-Site Detention / Retention Analysis and Design
  • On-Site Water Quality Analysis / Design
  • Regulatory Compliance Evaluation / Project Impact Analysis
  • Construction / Industrial NPDES Permit Compliance Assistance
  • Stream Restoration / Enhancement / Stabilization Design and Permitting
  • HEC-RAS Flood Control / Floodplain / Floodway Studies Analysis and Design
  • FEMA FIS and FIRM Studies / Investigations
    – No-Rise Certifications
    – LOMR
    – CLOMR