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As communities continue to grow and transportation issues become increasing more complex, governments are looking for ways to invest in smart growth techniques that create healthy and sustainable communities. Today, successful approaches focus on comprehensive multimodal transportation planning that includes safe bicycling and walking infrastructure initiatives as a core component of the strategy. At McGill Associates, we get this. Our team is comprised of landscape architects, planners and engineers that work seamlessly to marry function, form and style to produce effective solutions that meet current objectives while being prepared for future growth. McGill Associates’ approach to pedestrian and bicycle planning is comprehensive and user based. We understand the importance of key linkages, connectivity, long-term sustainability, economic impact and the communities’ needs.

case study

CLIENT: Town of West Jefferson
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: McGill Associates assisted the Town of West Jefferson with a two phase project that consisted of design and construction administration services for downtown streetscape enhancements at the intersection of Jefferson Avenue and Main Street and a second intersection at Jefferson Avenue and Ashe Street. The streetscape designs include brick and concrete bumpouts, which aid pedestrians in safely crossing the streets. The streetscape enhancements include concrete curbing and brick pavers, trees and landscaping, as well as decorative street lights and stop signs that complement the character of the historic downtown area. The concrete and storm drainage portion of the project was funded by the NCDOT through an agreement with the Town that allowed the NCDOT to remove traffic signals to create four-way stops at most of the downtown intersections. The completed improvements provide a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment that further enhances the charm and appeal of downtown West Jefferson.

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