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At McGill Associates, our multidisciplinary team is comprised of accredited, award winning and experienced professionals that successfully work with a broad range of clients to establish vision, goals, and strategies to achieve desired community results. We understand that creation and regeneration of sustainable and memorable public places requires cultural, environmental, and economic investment. Furthermore, we value the importance of community involvement and build effective engagement strategies into each project in an effort to foster the necessary community support. Our planning professionals use this input to create sustainable designs that integrate environmentally-conscious concepts with low impact development techniques. We serve our communities through an ecologically sensitive planning approach that makes use of topography, landform, natural resources, vegetation, community input, infrastructure and buildings, resulting in more livable and sustainable projects. Furthermore, our plans strive to integrate environmental, community, and economic goals in a way that allows for future generations to live in a healthy and dynamic community that improves their quality of life.

case study

 City of Sanford, North Carolina

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This project includes a pair of roundabouts at the interchange of Hawkins Avenue and US Highway 1 in Sanford. It features decorative paving, including stained concrete, brick paver bands, and a planting bed. A specific challenge with this project was how to drain the landscaped areas, as the existing asphalt under the proposed traffic circle was to remain in place. At the center of the circle, a planter area with weep hole drainage is provided for plantings.

McGill Associates worked closely with the City on water-wise plant selections best suited for the harsh, urban environment of the site and also incorporated the use of the artificial turf in the final design. Ultimately, the final design provided the City of Sanford with a functional and aesthetically pleasing gateway feature that will enhance the visual significance of this important entry point into the City. Because this project uses a non conventional solution for construction materials with low maintenance and low installation costs, it is serving as a pilot project for NCDOT.

This project was in conjunction with a larger planning and design project that redevelops downtown Sanford. As part of that planning process, five downtown intersections were identified for improvements, as well as street improvements to Steele Street / Horner Boulevard, and alley improvements to Charlie Watson Lane. Several areas for pocket parks were also identified. McGill Associates provided topographic surveying, site layouts, landscape layout, gateway signage, traffic signal design, utility relocations, and grading improvements. New design standards for development will reinforce Sanford’s historic character to preserve its sense of place and build a positive and lasting impression of Sanford for residents and visitors. Elements of this project are currently in construction, including the new roundabout. The design on these projects were completed in 2014.

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