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Environmental Assessments

McGill Associates’ environmental professionals have conducted countless Environmental Assessments of varying complexity through the years. Our team leverages state-of-the-art field, analytical and impact assessment methods to evaluate and assure compliance with environmental regulations. These innovative technologies and methods enable our clients to save time and money.

case study

CLIENT: City of Asheville
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: In an effort to reduce downstream flooding impacts of the Swannanoa River, McGill Associates and project partners were selected to manage a major mitigation project at the Lake Craig Dam along the Swannanoa River at Azalea Park in Asheville. The project consisted of:

  • Floodplain restoration
  • Hydraulic and hydrologic modeling
  • Realignment of the Swannanoa River
  • Road realignment and dam rehabilitation.

Due to past environmental concerns at the site many decades ago, along with the sensitive nature of the surrounding environment, careful Environmental Assessments (EAs) were performed. The project included floodplain fill removal and river restoration along the Swannanoa River. Due to the extremity of flood control, dam rehabilitation of a historic structure, and the relocation of a river, extensive coordination with US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has been key. USACE is providing funding and oversight for the project. A series of three public input meetings are underway to satisfy NEPA requirements.

McGill Associates’ survey team provided geodetic site control, aerial targeting / ground survey control for photogrammetry and mapping of general topography and planimetrics by Carolina Resource Mapping, and performed extensive field surveying over 70+ acres. The ground run field survey included field checks on all photogrammetric mapping and contours, detailed topographic mapping and DTM modeling of 3,700 linear feet of the Swannanoa River channel for stream restoration, field checks of existing FEMA flood plain cross-section data, new flood plain cross-sections for hydraulic modeling, coordination of geodetic survey control for laser scanning crews performing scans for three-dimensional modeling of the existing bridge at Azalea Road across the Swannanoa River.

McGill Associates is also designing major roadway improvements along Azalea Road and Gashes Creek Road. Azalea Road currently is a narrow, unmarked, winding road that runs alongside the Swannanoa River with high traffic volume during soccer season. Gashes Creek Road leads into a small residential neighborhood and is the main route to the popular WNC Nature Center. Because the road runs alongside the river, careful grading plans are being created. Major coordination with the NCDOT is underway due to the DOT’s right-of-way in certain areas of the project. Improvements to the roads include bike lanes, sidewalks, a new bridge to access the soccer park, a new parking lot to alleviate overcrowding at the soccer field, road widening, stream bank stabilization, and repaving.

Additionally, McGill Associates is designing a much-needed water line extension to serve the John B. Lewis Soccer Complex. Phase II of the project will involve rehabilitation to the dam, which was originally constructed in the late 1800s.

at a glance
  • Environmental Baseline Inventories
  • Remediation / Rehabilitation Planning and Design
  • Restoration Planning and Design
  • Environmental Constraints
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Compliance / Permitting