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Our electrical engineering department prides itself on its commitment to the communities we serve as well as our knowledge of National Electric Code, National Electric Safety Code, state building codes and National Fire Prevention Association Standards. McGill Associate has extensive experience in all aspects of electrical management.

case study

CLIENT: Metropolitan Sewerage District of Buncombe County
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The existing 40 MGD Metropolitan Sewerage District Water Reclamation Facility experienced a power outage due to tree damage on the County’s power company feeder. The existing 2 MW standby generator and transfer system failed due to the failure of an internal component within the generator. The total outage duration was approximately 52 minutes, during which time the collection system overflowed.

This failure and the discussions that followed brought a focus on the reliability of the Progress Energy supply and the existing electrical system. Subsequent review of the existing electric system revealed several weaknesses:

  • The inability to adequately test the existing standby generator
  • The inability to perform required periodic maintenance of electrical equipment
  • Inadequate standby generation capacity to carry plant loads during peak loading conditions
  • Inadequate redundancy of standby generation
  • Lack of contingency capability for critical system single points of failure.

McGill Associates provided improvements to the existing system to address each of these concerns. The improvements included the addition of two 1 MW standby generators, medium voltage switchgear, generator paralleling controls, and protective relay systems. Portions of the existing medium voltage distribution system were reconfigured to allow for maintenance and failure switching in order to maintain and restore power, respectively.

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  • Electrical Construction Administration
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