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Construction Administration

Managing the construction process is one of the most important aspects of any project we undertake for our clients. That’s why McGill Associates maintains a construction department, managed by licensed professional engineers, committed to ensuring that projects are delivered on time and within approved budgets. Emphasizing sound training and supervision, our construction management staff ensures full compliance from contractors with plans and specifications, schedules and protocols. McGill Associates understands that construction administration, observation and inspection programs are crucial to the successful completion of projects.

case study

CLIENT: City of Hickory
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: McGill Associates provided construction administration services for the City of Hickory’s Northeast Wastewater Treatment Plant expansion. Improvements included a new lab and administration building, two oxidation ditches constructed with cast-in-place concrete structures, a new secondary clarifier, new influent pump station and headworks facilities, and electrical and site improvements. McGill Associates’ role in this project was to ensure that the project plans and contract documents prepared by a third party engineer were adhered to during the construction phase. Additionally our team was responsible for administering the construction contract, reviewing the contractor’s applications for payment, recommending payment to the owner and conducting project closeout services. During the construction phase, McGill Associates reviewed all shop drawing submittals submitted by the contractor and reviewed and responded to all request for information (RFI) from the contractor, provided daily construction observation services ensuring compliance with the project plans and specifications, performed construction administration duties including the review of monthly applications for payment, and prepared required project change orders. McGill Associates coordinated operator training by the various equipment suppliers for the plant personnel including training on the new biological treatment process. As a part of the project close-out services, McGill Associates prepared the final Record Drawings, and operations and maintenance manuals for the project.

at a glance
  • Bidding and Construction Document Preparation
  • Pre-Construction Bidding
  • Pre-Construction Conference
  • Contract Document Preparation
  • Construction Contract Administration
  • Change Order Services: Review / Evaluation