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1_1_1_BillRoarkBill Roark, PE

Cary Office Manager

Bill Roark possesses a remarkable mix of creative skills and professional experience. He is known for his ability to combine sound fundamentals of engineering with his innovative problem solving skills and technical expertise to produce inventive and unique client solutions. As one of the firm’s leading economic development and civil site leaders, his pioneering approaches and original designs can be evidenced across the region in some of the most unsuspecting places. Healthcare facilities, long term care facilities, institutions of higher learning and business / industrial parks are some of the places you find his work. Bill serves an integral role with many of our private and public clients by helping them conceptualize large design build projects and through educating them on what it will technically take from an engineering perspective to realize their vision. When McGill Associates opened its office in Cary, North Carolina, Bill was asked to serve as Cary Office Manager.